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Pure. Clean. Hygienic.
Ozone (O3) (from the Old Greek word ὄζειν – ozein “to smell”) is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O). Ozone is not stable for very long and converts back to a stable and harmless oxygen (O2) quite quickly, if it has not had a reaction to any hazardous substances. 
The Oxy3-Car uses the scientifically proven power of oxidation that ozone has to disinfect and to get rid of odors. In combination with the water vapor injected into the vehicle, ozone also produces active oxygen and increasing the disinfection capacity many times over. 
At the end of the process, the remaining ozone is then neutralized and converted back into oxygen. The vehicle only has to be aired out well at the end of the process for a few minutes, wiping up any excess condensate, and the vehicle is immediately ready for use. 


Is it really necessary to do a thorough cleaning prior to the application?

Yes, a thorough cleaning needs to be done. The Oxy3-Car disinfects and eliminates odors in the vehicle interior. Dirt such as stones, soil, dust, cigarette ashes, etc. have to be removed prior to the application.

Wet cleaning is recommended in cases of pungent odors. The Oxy3-Car is to be put into operation immediately after wet cleaning. This procedure significantly boosts the disinfection capacity.


How is the Oxy3-Car to be properly installed?

The assembly can easily be carried out by just one person. The evaporator is placed in the vehicle, the remaining device components are located outside the vehicle and are connected via the ozone injection.

The assembly takes only an installation time of 5 to 10 minutes.


The exact installation instructions can be found in the operating instructions.


How long does it take to install the Oxy3-Car?

Depending on your experience, installing and dismantling would take between 5 and 10 minutes.


How long does the application of the Oxy3-Car take?

Depending on the program, a fully automatic application of the Oxy3-Car would take

35 minutes (for regular use and for low contamination) or

90 minutes (for one-time application or for high contamination).


When is the Oxy3-Car to be used?

The Oxy3-Car has two jobs: odor elimination and disinfection.

Odors are perceived through the nose. We recommend using the Oxy3-Car in cases of pungent odors.

Pathogens such as viruses or bacteria are odorless in many cases. Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing the air conditioning system at least once a year for disinfection purposes. We recommend disinfecting at least once a month. This is when you would use the Oxy3-Car “35 Min.” program.


How to get sure that the disinfection works?

Viruses and bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eye. An indicator of successful disinfection is the typical odor that can be perceived in the vehicle after treatment. ​


Airing helps the smell of the treatment to dissipate.


How often can the Oxy3-Car be used?

Caution: Damage to the vehicle (i.e. to the electronics equipment) cannot be ruled out, if the application scenarios a) and b) have not been taken into consideration.

a) A maximum of three applications in a row may be done. Air out the vehicle well and wait 30 minutes between each treatment. If after the third application no success is achieved, the Oxy3-Car is not the right device to solve the problem.

b) If a vehicle is being treated regularly, the Oxy3-Car is to be used a maximum of once a week (as recommended by the manufacturer). Applications in shorter intervals are at the discretion and the responsibility of the user.


What do I have to watch out for while using the Oxy3-Car?

Nothing. If it is being operated properly, the Oxy3-Car disinfection process is fully automatic. The processing time can be used for other activities.


How long does the vehicle have to be aired out after the application?

Since the Oxy3-Car automatically destroys any excess ozone at the end of the process, the vehicle may be entered immediately after the treatment has ended. There is usually some residual moisture from the water vapor in the interior of the vehicle after the application. Airing out the vehicle for several minutes is thus recommended.


Can the Oxy3-Car sustainably and permanently eliminate unpleasant odors?

Yes! The Oxy3-Car has been tested thoroughly under the most extreme conditions. Even the worst odors were able to be eliminated with the Oxy3-Car: from soured milk to the stench of nicotine; from pet odors to rotting smells.

A proper, thorough cleaning is absolutely necessary. In the case of stubborn smells, moistening the contaminated area or doing wet cleaning is recommended. In the case of extremely stubborn smells, it might be necessary to use the Oxy3-Car repeatedly. This does not pose a great problem: One application costs less than € 2.00.


Are chemicals or other cleaning agents needed for the application?

No chemical cleaning agents at all are needed when treating a vehicle with the Oxy3-Car. Pure oxygen guarantees the production of ozone. Distilled water alone is all that is needed to generate the water vapors.


Why does the Oxy3-Car use ozone?

Ozone has been proven to be one of the strongest oxidizing agents and thus can be used quite effectively for breaking down organic substances (i.e. other odorants) and for disinfection (i.e. killing viruses or bacteria)

The Oxy3-Car uses the oxidation capacity of ozone too, but in addition with the power of water vapor. Ozone and water vapor are broght into the the vehicle at a coordinated times. A sophisticated and unique combination process that ensures sustainable odor elimination and disinfection.


What makes the Oxy3-Car different to conventional ozone generators?

  • Pure oxygen is used instead of ambient air. This means there is no formation of hazardous nitrogen oxide which is toxic for both humans and the environment.

  • Pure oxygen produces highly purified ozone. An efficient and scientifically proven disinfection (> log5) is thus guaranteed.

  • The Oxy3-Car is the only device that works using ozone, active oxygen and water vapor. That means the most unpleasant odors able to be sustainably and permanently eliminated.

  • At the end of the process, the ozone remaining is rendered harmless. The vehicle may be safely entered directly after the application has been completed. Inconvenient and lengthy airing out after the application is no longer necessary.


Is ozone dangerous?

Yes, after a certain level of concentration, ozone is dangerous for both humans and animals. If the application has been carried out properly the user will not come into contact with ozone at all.

In contrast to conventional ozone generators, any ozone remaining in the vehicle at the end of the Oxy3-Car process is completely broken down. We recommend airing out the vehicle well for several minutes and then it can be used again right away.

Ozone is easily perceivable even in small concentrations due to its pungent odor. Should such an odor be perceived during the application, the process is to be ended immediately by pressing the "STOP” button directly on the device.


Can the Oxy3-Car be used in any size and type of vehicle?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a passenger car, a classic car, a mobile home, or whether you drive small busses, taxis, food trucks, delivery vans or trucks, etc., the Oxy3-Car can be used for any number of vehicles. It is likewise conceivable for the Oxy3-Car to be used in smaller rooms or cabins (i.e. on boats), if the room to be treated has been properly sealed off.

The disinfection performance is reduced as the size of the vehicle interior increases. The Oxy3-Car has been designed for use in rooms of up to 20 m3 (= i.e. 5m x 2m x 2m). The disinfection capacity cannot be guaranteed for any larger spaces.


How high are the operating costs per use?

The cost per application depends on the program selected, but is less than € 2.00 at any rate.


Why are conventional ozone generators much cheaper, generally speaking?

The Oxy3-Car cannot be compared to conventional ozone generators at all! When developing the Oxy3-Car, much importance was put on performance and great store was set in the safety of both the user and the environment.

The Oxy3-Car stands out from the crowd of similar products in the following points:

  1. Performance and quality are guaranteed using the innovative process of ozone, active oxygen and water vapor.

  2. Safety for the users and the environment are guaranteed due to the elimination of ozone residues at the end of the process.

Oxy3-Car therefore was developed having not only an ozone production unit (ozone generator) but also an evaporator – two technical systems in one device.

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