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Verified laboratory results

Mechanical testing of the PPE jacket

The extreme load test carried out at the Textile Institute in Innsbruck showed that the tensile strength of the outer material of firefighter clothing exceeds the strength required by the manufacturers. This means that the outer material of the firefighter clothing retains its protective properties even after 30 treatments with Oxy3 (10 consecutive days, 3 times a day). In addition, the reflectors and hoop and loop fasteners are still in perfect condition.

Before the treatment

PSA-Jacke Prüfung Oxy3 Behandlung

ISO-400 – F/5.6 – 0,5s

After 30 treatments

PSA-Jacke Prüfung Oxy3 Behandlung

ISO-400 – F/5.6 – 0,5s


PAH degradation in a PPE jacket

The accredited analytical laboratory in Vienna ESW Wruss carried out the PAH analysis of a PPE jacket. The 16 "EPA PAHs" were analyzed, which according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are representative of the entire group of substances.



The results after only 90 minutes of treatment are as follows:

-Upper and lower fabric completely decontaminated.
All PAHs degraded below the OEKO-TEX guideline values and many of them even below the detection limits.

-Membrane decontaminated.
15 out of 16 PAHs were degraded below the OEKO-TEX guideline values and in some cases even below the detection limits (see graphics below).

Upper fabric

Statistik_Keimbelastung & Schadstoffabbau-MW_2023_11-Oberstoff-900px.png


Statistik_Keimbelastung & Schadstoffabbau-MW_2023_11-Membran-900px.png

Lower fabric

Statistik_Keimbelastung & Schadstoffabbau-MW_2023_11-Innenfutter-900px.png
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