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Increase vehicle value?Easy with the highly efficient Oxy3!

The optimum solution for eliminating odors from vehicle interiors, including the air conditioning system.

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Fast, faster, the fastest...
You decide!

Once the Oxy3 has been installed and put into operation, odors and pollutants are in danger! Whether in the vehicle interior, in the air conditioning system, in the upholstery or various cracks and crevices - the substances deposited there are found and removed.

The Oxy3 can be assembled and disassembled in around 10 minutes. Depending on the selected program, a treatment process takes 35 or 90 minutes, each of which runs fully automatically.

The process time can be used for sales, repairs, service, customer care, etc. At the end of the process, the vehicle is immediately ready to use.

35 minutes

The "35 min." program is a treatment for the entire vehicle interior (optionally with or without air conditioning) and is intended for regular treatments and low contamination level.

90 minutes

The "90 min." program is a treatment for the entire vehicle interior (optionally with or without air conditioning) and is intended for one-off treatment and high contamination level.

The Oxy3 stands for...

Odor elimination
& innovation

The only device on the market that works with ozone, active oxygen and vapor.

Odors from cigarettes, dogs, etc. are permanently eliminated.

& functionality

Simple operation and applicable to all vehicle types.

Developed and produced in Austria.
100% Austrian quality.

& safety

Protection of the environment and users by chemical elimination.


Complete ozone breakdown enables immediate vehicle use.

This means for you...

Increase in sale value 

Safety and well-being for your customers

Advantage over your competition

Decreased costs and saved time resources

Protection of your employees' health

Higher incentive to buy leading to shorter downtimes

Laptop and Heaphones
Take part in one of our live shows - free of charge!

Online product show or live vehicle treatment - you decide!

Participation is free, non-binding and takes place via Zoom.

ATTENTION: Limited number of participants! Please register without obligation. 

One device - countless areas of application


And what will you use your Oxy3 for?


Are you on ourlist of
satisfied customers yet?

The Car Lovers company has been successfully using the first generation Oxy3 for more than 10 years and they are more than happy with it, told us Berit Jonke, the company manager in Klagenfurt headquarter.


Car Lovers is an expert in the field of interior and exterior care of vehicles and is convinced of the performance and service that can be achieved with the Oxy3.


Not only customers, but also Car Lovers benefit from the efficient and productive performace of the Oxy3.


Lasting success

"Long-lasting service, best experience!"

Sales partner Wolfgang Zankl and

Car Lovers manager Berit Jonke.

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